Sensor Output

Sensor Output


The first check in autofocus is testing the sensors.  Test to make sure that each sensor works and that their view is unimpeded by dust.


Sensor Output against a White Board



Dust showing against a White Board

This is one of the areas where factory software requires test charts, specialized for each for camera model.  But there are many easier ways achieve equivalent results without spending the money and convoluting the tests.

One substitute is a While Board and black marketing pen.  You can draw and erase targets as need and arrange their orientation at will (horizontal, vertical, diagonal).  The advantage; quick simple and cheap.


Black Dry Marker Target drawn on the While Board




  • ‘Click’ on Sensor Group Button to activate the group.
  • ‘Click’ on each sensor to activate that sensor.
  • ‘Click’ on Show Sensor Output to view the Phase Swift wave.
  • Draw your targets as needed.


Software Variations
There are numerous variations in software windows depending AF sensor layout.



Sensor Group 1, 2, 3 –
Each button activates a different sensor group.  The orientation and type of the sensor group is also identified.

Show Sensor Output
Uploads the output from each sensor from the camera to the software .. A real time display!



Sensor Array / Left Window
‘Click’ on the sensor to activate it.  The line through the sensor identifies its orientation.


Phase Switch / Right Window
Displays two waves, red and blue, from the sensors split AF CCD, phase shift.


To view Autofocus Functions click on their Tabs Below:


Link to 7D and later Software Window

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