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"....just a note to tell you if your on the fence on wether to buy the SPT software or not.....make the move. Replaced the shutter on a Canon 40D & found the speeds above 3000th were cut off or blank. In the past we have just packed them off & sent to Canon....lost money on parts and labor. Purchased the 40D Advanced software & had the problem cured in about 10 saved!!! Not only has it given me the confidence I am sending out a product that is in top working condition, (up until now, I had my doubts that I was giving the best service possible) but it has also made me think about increasing the price to service these cameras now that I know 100% that everything is right".

"So, I am sold on the software....I have purchased 4 of the software, 2 of the Essential only & 2 of the Advanced. As soon as I can afford more, I'm getting them...wish I could take advantage of the quantitiy discount...but right now, things are too tight." SPT is Great
Mike / Southern Photo Technical Service Inc.


Refund Policy
Like any software you purchase: No refunds after you install and license our software.


First Time Buyer ... want a look before your buy?  No Problem .. Just 'click' on this link to get our ‘FREE Demo Software'  .. run though the features and ‘click’ on the ‘Help’  file while in that function to get detailed information.  


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