Enable Sensors

Enable Sensors


Each focus point in your finder uses multiple AF sensors.  The camera’s CPU switches between the sensor types automatically depending on its perception of the target.  But during tests or adjustments, the sensor type should be restricted or your tests and adjustments will be all over the place.

  • Enable Sensors allows you to restrict the AF sensors to a single line or type.
  • Enable Sensors is combined with AF Shift or Lens AF Shift for AF tests and adjustments.


To view Autofocus Functions click on their Tabs Below:


Link to 7D and later Software Window


Radio Buttons

  • Each button selects one line or type of AF Sensor.
  • Enable all sensors (Normal).  This button must be selected after completing Autofocus to return the camera to Normal Mode.
  • If you fail to select (Normal) a pop-up window will warn you before shutting Advanced Plugins


Software Variations
Some models require selecting service modes on the camera.  Follow the direction in the Help window.


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