SPT Library / Members Only

This is a Reference Library
Not for Sale or Distribution using any means!

The SPT Library literally contains a wealth of information.  A single manual can cost $100 and our library has over 6 gigs!  Reference materials, repair manuals, parts list, service notes and problem / solutions straight from the bench are all there.  You must be an SPT member to access the library.


  • At last count the library had over 6 gigs of information.  
  • The information may be referenced from the library.
  • The library is a shared resource.
  • The library contains numerous manufactures / countless models .. too many to mention.
  • The materials in the library are paid for by membership dues and money and PDF donations.
  • Request for additions are posted to sptnet.
  • You must be a SPT member to access the library.
  • The library is constantly updated.

Updates and Additions 
The Library is updated continuously.  Typically several manuals are added each week.  From time to time SPT will make a bulk purchase or get a bulk donation and upload these to the library. Requests for new additions are posted by members on sptnet.


Library Rules:

  • Read Only.  Not for Sale or distribution.

Keep it clean!  If a friend asks you to pass it on .. DON'T!  Instead get them to join SPT.  They will get far more then the membership cost and their dues will help increase the library.  Better for everybody.


Legal Disclosure

  • This is a legal library.  And  MUST be kept legal!
  • If you do not agree to the non-distribution clause, your membership will not be processed.  
  • If you vioilate the non-distribution clause, your membership is subject to immediate revocation.  
  • Violation of copy rights has its own problems which individual manufactures may pursue.
  • This is a Reference only Library.


Straight talk 
We have never had cause to revoke any membership .. thankfully.  As a new member we start by placing our trust in you!


All Materials in the Library


Not for Sale or Distribution by any means!




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