SPTNET is part of SPT.  It's a technical help email network.  It allows us to converse about parts, technical and business problems and MORE.  Anything related to the camera repair world!

Its a network that connects almost 400 camera repair businesses world wide.  

Both SPT and C&C also uses sptnet for news and updates.  This is a quick and fast way to expand your resources  ... it's an important benefit.  A few tips a year will pay back your membership.

Since we are all busy email traffic is limited, 'reply'  only go to the original sender.  But you can also 'reply all' to have conversations with the entire group.   

We ask that when you have your working answer, you post the original question with that working answer.

If you are worried about your regular email address getting cluttered, either send it to a designated folder, or use a different email address.  

The best way is to hang back a few days and observe before jumping in.  

We offer this service to non-members free as a way of getting aquatinted with SPT and our members.

  • To join send us your contact information and a request to be added to sptnet. 


  • To change your email address send us your old email address to be removed and your new email address to be added using our contact page or by email.
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