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Service Adjustment Software

Friendly - Easy to Use - Affordable

SPT's Service Adjustment Software alllows you to connect to your camera through your PC using only the camera's USB port cable.  The Camera FAX, Shutter and Mirror Counts, Internal Error Codes, Shutter and Mirror Replacement History, Light Meter Adjustment, Shutter Speed Adjustment, as well as both camera body and lens to body Auto Focus Adjustments are accessible and possible using our software!  SPT software even includes model specific auto focus targets.  Professional software without the requirement for special / expensive tools! 

... Download our 'FREE' Service Demo Software to get started! 


Essential:  only $99.00

  • Camera FAX (short version, including Shot Count and Logged Errors)
  • Shutter Count
  • Mirror Count
  • Total Count
  • Internal Error Codes - Last 7
  • Saves the Camera and Digital Data files.  Can be installed in Salvage Main PCBs.

Preview the Software by ‘clicking’ on our slideshow.



Advanced:  only $249.00

  • Camera FAX (full version;  including Shutter and Mirror replacement History, Sensor Deviation, Registered Lenses)
  • AE (light meter) Calibration - even allows direct view of the Photo Matrix 
  • Shutter Timing Calibration
  • Shutter and Mirror Replacement History
  • Autofocus Calibration - Body and Lens to body (optimized body to lens combinations)
  • Main PCB Initialization - Install and Initialize new Main PCBs

Preview the Software by ‘clicking’ on our slideshow.



Upgrade:  only $150.00

  • Allows Essential owners to upgrade their purchase to Advanced.
  • You must own the Essential version of the software for Ungrade to work!


Professional Series


Our latest line of software is our Professional Series.  This series meets demands by offering many of the calibrations functions that were included in our Advanced series.


Professional:  only $175.00

  • Automatic update checks when you launch the software.
  • Full featured Professional Camera FAX which includes the information contained with the calibration plugins.
  • Read and change the cameras electronic serial number.
  • Read and change the shutter, mirror and total counts.
  • Read and clear the last 7 Internal Error Codes.  Includes the installed lens and shot count when the error occurred.
  • ShutterAE and Main Board Replacement Calibration Functions.



Preview the Software by ‘clicking’ on our slideshow.



Advanced Proonly $275.00

All the features of Professional and … will add the following plugins:   Auto Focus calibration, Temperature Sensor Check and Service Mode.


  • Autofocus Calibration - Body and Lens to body (optimized body to lens combinations)
  • Temperature - Read the mulitple temperature sensors in the camera and avoid time consuming repairs.
  • Service Mode - Power up the camera without the back panel or covers, even without the motor drive board.  After setting to Service Mode, you can quit the software and remain in Service Mode.  The ability to test you camera without a covers is an incredable time saver!  You can also Disable the flash from the software.

Preview the Software by ‘clicking’ on our slideshow.



Upgrade Pro:  only $100.00

  • Allows Professional owners to upgrade their Professional to Advanced Professional.
  • You must own the Professional version of the software for Ungrade to work!



Detailed Information on our SPT Home Site - 'click here' Service Adjustment Software

Featured Products

Best Seller

Screwdriver Blades:

Screwdriver Blades:

These blades will fit the Industry Standard Niwa PD30 handles. These are the same handles all of us have on our workbenches and available through our site. NIWA has stopped making screwdrivers. These blades are remanufactured to the original standards ... GOOD BLADES again!

These blades are not cheap but very high quality blades specially manufactured for GRES to fit Niwa handles.
In all the world, these blades are only available through SPT and GRES These are not the low quality substitutes available elsewhere.

Why SPT Screwdrivers are special!

"I've been a long-time user of Canon crosspoint bits. The last several years they have tended to set on top of the screw and not down in the head the way they should. This has resulted in many stripped screw heads and much frustration.

I tried numerous brands with similar results. Somehow I overlooked the ones that our own SPT sells. Chuck persuaded me to give them a try.

I ordered the 1.7mm and 2.0mm sizes. The 2.0 size fits most screws perfectly. The 1.7 fits the small screws that Nikon uses on the L series focusing lens. I've only got a couple weeks use on them, but they seem to be the correct hardness, i.e. they are not showing wear nor breaking.
These SPT bits are a winner."

"Just a follow up on my screwdriver experience. Eric & I are still using the original bits we purchased from SPT with no signs of failure. I don't remember how long this has been, but you have the record."