AF Calibrate (new)

AF Calibrate


Before you begin any adjustments backup you existing data files!  Performing the Autofocus calibration is similar to creating the compensation data life for your test lens.


1.  Click Start and load the Compensation File for your test lens.  

A Window will open, navigate to your Compfile and click ‘Open’.  This will load your test lens data.

2.  Review the Flangeback deviation.  Click ‘Start Phase’ if you are satisfied.


At the time of manufacture the Image Sensor deviation between the idea 44.00mm and its actual position is stored in the camera.  The ‘Flange to Sensor deviation’ window displays the stored information.  If you sensor has not been moved or you know that it’s position is accurate clicking ‘Start Phase’ inputs the deviation information into your automatic autofocus calculations.


3.  Set you lens to manual focus and set ‘Zero Focus’


Just like calibrating your test lens autofocus starts by manually focusing the lens to ‘zero’ on the 3D chart using the software’s Focus Viewer and focus tool to get exact focus.  Once ‘zero’ focus is achieved you tell the software by clicking the ‘yes’ button.  


4.  Follow the screen prompts and check the phase shift of each set of AF sensor using a series of flat targets. 

Clicking the ‘Start Phase’ button with each target / AF sensor line creates the Compensation file.

You can skip individual phases.

5.  After you are done click ‘Complete Adjustment’


The adjustment calculations includes your test lens Compensation file, the cameras Flange Sensor Deviation and the AF Sensors phase shift from ‘zero’.


  • The ‘Help’ file and prompt windows included in the software gives you complete instructions.
  • The targets can be downloaded from the SPT Library


To view Autofocus functions click on their Tabs Below:



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