Operating Your Camera Repair Business

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Starting Up
Part Time
Your Background
Retail from Home
Web Sites
Standard Operating Procedures
Customer Service
Authorized Service Centers
Short History of The Camera Repair Business
Customers and Building the Base

The Industry
Repairs Then and Now
Repairs Changed
Electronics Create Changes
Repair Dollars
What Do They Shoot
Digital SLR Sales are Hot
Where You Fit In
New Trends
Emerging Repair Market

The Shop
Retail Location
Home Office
Inside Your Shop
The Chair
The Workbench
Floor Coverings
Computer Station
Test Equipment

Tools & Equipment
The Love of Tools
Tools for Camera Service
Absolutely Necessary
Take our Advise
Tools for Digital Cameras

Getting Started
What Do You Want to Fix
A Common Mistake
A Warning
Pro vs. Amateurs
Types of Professional Clients
Becoming a Warranty Station
Pricing and Income
What Else Can You Fix
Minimum Charge
Evolving Business Models
Knowing What to Fix
Repair Life
Age & Use
Keeping Current
Geographic Problems
Production Lot Problems
When to Ship it Back
Water Damage

Important Tips
What You Should Stock
How to Start Ordering Parts
Ordering Tips
When to Order
Storage & Organization
Buy a Body
Costing your Parts
Making a Part
One Last Word

The Business of Business
What's In a Name
Forms and Other Paperwork
Keeping Your Books
Setting Up Your Books
Paying Bills
Initial Investment
Getting to Know your Banker
Money Going Out
Going After Business
Pick Up and Delivery
Your Warranty
FAX Machines
Web Pages
Computers and your Business

The Day to Day
Shop Hours
Your Personal Schedule
Telephone & Email
How to Fall Asleep at your Bench
At the Bench
Time Off
Your Shipping Department

Customer Relations
Things the Cause Hard Feelings
Fighting Over Warranty
Long Repair Times
Changing Estimates
Confidence with Customers
Leaving the Customer Feeling Good
Advice for the Shy Person
The Hostile Customer
Summing it Up

Getting Bigger
Hiring a Counter Person
Hiring another Tech
What it costs to Hire Someone
Intangible Costs
Can You Manage
Should You Incorporate
Retirement Plans
Extra Money Makers

Shop Lore
Solvents and Cleaners
Solders and Soldering Aids
Electronic Components
Tips and Tricks
Liquid Damage
Ways to Lose Money
Ways to Make
Money Sources

Overall Business Strategy
The Business of Business
Super Size
Evolve your Business Model
Know what sells Repairs
Offer New Services
Get Excited and start shooting
Offer Training
Business Spotlight

Lesson Goal:This lesson delves into the business of camera repair. It’s a complete layout from the size of your shop to tools you may need. It can’t make you a businessperson but it can give you insight into this nitch field. We try to answer every possible question in detail using our experience and the experience of many others in this field. We try to let you know what works and what doesn’t. Since most of our students are interested in developing their own business, we try to keep the information in this section real life and current. Only you can determine the direction of your own business but we try to give you the support you need.

Typical Time Required: 13 hours

Updated 2010

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