Lesson 10 / Servicing Lens Shutter Zoom Lens Units

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Getting Started

Hands On Experience:
Disassembly / Reassembly
Using Repair Information
General Techniques

Lesson Goal: This is a hands on lab lesson. A common problem with Digital Point and Shoot cameras is Zoom Lens failure due to impact or gear failure. Field repairs usually involve repairing the Zoom Lens when possible, success runs about 80%. However, Zoom Lens breakdowns seldom are part of any repair manual. Technicians must relay on earlier experience with film P/S Zoom tubes, which are slightly larger versions of the same designs. This lesson will help you gain experience in disassembly and reassembly of a P/S Zoom Tube.

When you complete this lesson you should have some experience in disassembling, reassembling and repairing P/S Zoom Lens. You should also be able to apply this training to Digital Point and Shoot cameras.

This lesson is the precursor to working on digital Point and Shoot cameras.

Hands On Lab Lens Shutter Camera, zoom tube disassembly
(Digital / film P/S relationship)

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  • Typical Time Required: 20 hours

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