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Canon Lens Interactive Software

SPT’s Canon Lens Interactive Software


Outwardly two same model Canon lenses may look identical, but variations in manufacturing dates, firmware, etc. can make them very different lens to service.  


Canon Lens Professional and its Plugins automatically synchronize its Supported Operations, Adjustment Menus and Service Methods specifically to the Canon Lens being serviced!

Here are two Canon Lenses both equipped with IS and USM:

Although we are only showing the Supported Operations Menu changes extend throughout the software;  including differences in Adjustment Menus, Service Methods and even the directions in the SideBar window.  



Not all USM lenses allow adjustment (Automatic or Otherwise).  There are various different reasons - some are too early, while others, like the above example, have inbuilt self-calibration. 


SPT’s Interactive Lens Software makes your job easier!