GRES_PD30 PRO Screwdriver Handle

Price: $19.00


SPT Project

This Handle will accept the Industry Standard NIWA blades which are the screwdriver blates sold in this site and used by most professional technicians in the camera repair field.

We sold the last of the NIWA handles. Possibly the last on the planet. This GRES_PD30 Pro Handle has a better feel and grip then the old NIWA Handel which it replaces. It is a slightly larger, and a slightly fatter handle then old NIWA handles. We are sure you will agree that the PD30 Pro is better then the old NIWA Handel.

This higher quality comes at a price for sure but there are no other comparable handles on the market. To take the bite out, we did reduce our markup and hope it all balances out.

Built-in Super Grip greatly improves both feel and torque to prevent screw tear-out! Great when you hit a stubborn screw head.




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