Canon Lens Professional Software
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Product Description:
  • Canon Lens Professional is the base Lens software, Lens Plugins complete the package.
  • USB Connection.  Connect using a compatible camera.
  • Lens Plugins.  Lens Plugins are Apps which plug into Canon Lens Professional.
  • Lower Costs.  Add Lens Plugins as needed.
  • Interactive Software is User Friendly, synchronized to your Lens.
  • Interactive Sidebar notes.  Quick step by step instructions specifically for your lens. 
  • Help files - linked to your current window.


This is a two part software, the base is Canon Lens Professional.  Add Lens Plugins as needed for as low as $49.00.  


If you see the Popup window saying ‘This lens is not installed on your PC’ , you will need to buy that Lens Plugin from our Cart.  See  Purchase Details  for more information.



All Service Operations

Service Operations

Skill Level

Backup/Restore/Initialize Main Board


Internal Serial Number


Condition and Wear


Check Focus Distance Encoder


Check Zoom Position Encoder


View Focus Compensation


Adjust Focus Compensation


USM Adjustment Menu


IS Adjustment Menu

Easy - Moderate

* Bonus - LensFAX


Refund Policy: No refunds after you install and license our software.


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  • Rating 5/5 Stars.
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Dave Schipper () - July 6th 2022
Have this Canon 5D3 that has issues with the exposure. Two successive picture of the same situation, turn out completely different, 1 overexposed and one normally exposed. .... Could this be a board problem?

The solution was to change the main board in the lens. I used the SPT software to back up the original data, put in an other (used) board, reloaded the data and the occasional overexposure in a series of pictures did not occur anymore. Thanks to Eoghan who had a similar problem and pointed me to this solution and to Chuck to make the main board swap posible.


NCRR, Amsterdam