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Digital Data Files

Digital Data Files

Digital Data files contains the Image Adjustments for that camera; Hot Pixels / Horizontal / Vertical Shading, Dark Value, Hot Pixels, Image CMOS and more.  Saving the Digital Data files is even more important then saving Camera Data files because our software does not offer image adjustment features.


To Download and Save Digital Data

  • ‘Click’ Save.
  • Name the file - usually the camera’s serial number.  
  • Save the file you have just named.  You MUST name the file or you can not do a ‘save’.  The software will add the file extension - .dig.
  • The software will download and go through the save sequence … NOTE:  Interrupting this process can cause catastrophic failure to the Main Board. 



So ... Big Question - What do you do if you can’t recover the Data Files?



All our Canon Service Adjustment Software offers Help files linked to that Service or Adjustment Function!