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Understanding Canon's USB 2 and USB 3 Connectors

Canon uses USB cables to connect their camera’s to PCs.  Although most Canon D SLRs use USB 2 cables known as a ‘micro-USB’,  newer Canon D SLRs have upgraded to USB 3. 


USB 2_‘micro-USB’




An easy way to tell USB 3 from USB 2 is that the plastic tongue of the connector is always blue on a USB 3.


SPT Service Adjustment Software can use either USB 2 or USB 3 to connect SPT software to the camera …. with the exception of the Canon EOS 5DS and 5DS R.


Canon 5D S using the USB 3



Canon EOS 5Ds and 5DS R

  • Use a USB 2 ‘micro-USB’ for the 5D S and 5DS R cameras.  


  • Or use a USB 2 extension from your PC, and then plug your existing cable into that. The PC will treat it as a USB 2 connection.


If you use USB 3 to connect your Canon EOS 5DS or 5DS R to SPT Service Adjustment software, they will not communicate correctly and will probably lock into Service Mode.  This can be fixed by connecting the camera to the SPT Service Adjustment Software using a USB 2 cable.