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Understanding Camera and Digital Data Files

Camera Data and Digital Data files SHOULD ALWAYS BE DOWNLOADED AND SAVED



Use SPT Canon Service Adjustment Software to backup the Data Files with every repair or service.  If your have the Professional or Advanced versions of our Canon Service Adjustment Software also use the Main Board Replacement plugin to Backup Calibration Data files.  Original Data files are Gold in future repairs! 


Camera and Digital Data Files allow you to:

  • Repair a camera using a Used Main Board.  After installing the used Main Board, upload both Camera and Digital data files from the original Main Board into the salvage Main Board …  This DOES NOT REQUIRE INITIALIZATION


  • Install the cameras original Data files into a New replacement Main Board.  This REQUIRES INITIALIZATION using our Canon Adjustment Software Plugin ‘Main Board Replacement’.  This plugin is part of our Professional and Advanced software series.


  • Return the camera to its original condition.


Saving Camera (.cmr) and Digital (.dig) Data files will allow you to build a library which you can use if your repair requires you to replace a Completely Blown Main Board.  


* Data files can only be used by cameras of the same model. 


With a library of data files you will be able to load known good Camera (.cmr) and Digital (.dig) Data files separately (mix and match) until you find a set which is a reasonable match for the the cameras original calibration data. 

  • Business Promotion - having the original data files guarantees your customer that a camera can be restored to original condition.



So ... Big Question - What do you do if you can’t recover the Data Files?



All our Canon Service Adjustment Software offers Help files linked to that Service or Adjustment Function!