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Understanding Calibration Data Files

Calibration Data files combines the Camera Data and Digital Data files so you can restore the camera to its original condition after replacing the Main Board.  You are able to download and save this data file with the Main Board Replacement Plugin which is part of SPTs Canon Service Adjustment Software. 


The Main Board Replacement Plugin allows you to:

  • Backup Calibration Data from the Original Main Board.  Calibration Data Files includes both camera and digital data.
  • Initialize a New Main Board.
  • Load the Calibration Data into a New Main Board.
  • Check and Change the camera Model and Serial number - if needed.


Under all circumstances - Always Backup and Save the Calibration Data Files.  Repairing a camera by installing a New Main Board is a common repair and the best and easiest ways to do that is to have the cameras original Calibration Data Files.  Original Calibration Data Files are gold!


The time you save will be your own!  The camera use save will be your customers!



To Backup Calibration Data:

  • ‘Click’  Save Calibration to PC.
  • Name the file - typically your cameras serial number.
  • ‘Click’ Save.  The software will add the file extension .cal.


To Load Calibration Data:  (After Initializing the New Main Board)

  • ‘Click’ on the Load Calibration Tab.
  • ‘Click’ on the Load Calibration to Main Board button at the bottom of the window.
  • Find your original Calibration Data File. 
  • ‘Click’ Open.  Your original Calibration Data File will load into your new Main Board.


We recommend Calibration Data Backup using our Canon Adjustment Software with all your customers.  We recommend that you be aggressive in offering this service!  Backup the Calibration data at every opportunity!  



insert camera data backup and load video .. under construction



So … Big Question - What do you do if your Main Board is damaged?



  • If your old Main Board has any life at all … TRY TO SAVE THE EXISTING CALIBRATION DATA!   


All our Canon Service Adjustment Software offers Help files linked to that Service or Adjustment Function!