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Understanding Auto Focus Shift Data Files

The Auto Focus Calibration Plugin is part of SPTs Canon Service Adjustment Software.  The Auto Focus Calibration section allows you to:


  • Backup AF Shift Data.
  • Calibrate a Test Lens.
  • Check (AF) Sensor Outputs.
  • AF Calibrate automatically adjusts the camera body’s Auto Focus.  
  • Enable Sensors is used if you manually adjust camera body AF.
  • AF Shift is used with Enable Sensors if you manually adjust camera body AF. 
  • AF MicroAdjust is an automated procedure for finding the best AF Macro Adjust value.
  • Lens AF Shift adjusts Lens Auto Focus for models that do not have a AF MacroAdjust function.


AF Shift is the adjustment data for the Auto Focus Sensors.  BEFORE you make any AF Adjustments Backup and save your AF Shift Data.  




The Backup Tab in the Auto Focus Calibration Plugin saves the AF Shift Data ONLY!


AF Shift Data Files allow you to:


  • Backup your current AF Shift Data Files without effecting any other camera adjustment files.  


  • Return your camera to its original pre-adjustment condition in case you make a bad adjustment or if the camera becomes disconnected during AF adjustment.  



To Backup / Save AF Shift Data:

  • ‘Click’ Backup.
  • Name the file - perhaps the camera’s serial number.  
  • Save the file.  You MUST name the file or you can not do a ‘save’.  The software will add the file extension - .afb.
  • The software will download and go through the save sequence … NOTE:  Interrupting this process can cause catastrophic failure to the Main Board. 



To Restore AE Data:

  • ‘Click’ Restore.
  • Find your file.
  • ‘Click’ Open.
  • The software will Restore your original AF Shift Data.  NOTE:  Interrupting this process can cause catastrophic failure to the Main Board. 


Insert AF Shift Backup video .. under constuction


All our Canon Service Adjustment Software offers Help files linked to that Service or Adjustment Function!