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Understanding Crosspoint Screwdrivers used in Camera Repair

Screwdrivers for Japanese lenses and cameras are crosspoint screwdriver blades manufacutred to meet JIS (Japanese Industry Standard).  JIS crosspoint screwdriver blades are designed to fit the crosspoint screws used in cameras and lenses.  Cameras and lenses use the following crosspoint screw bit sizes:  1.7mm2.0mm and 2.5mm.


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Although a ‘search’ for screwdrivers for camera repair will turn up other sources, a close look at the heads of the screwdriver blades show that most are really Phillips 00 or 000 blades.  They are NOT crosspoint screwdriver blades!  It will drive you crazy when you strip the screw head and spend hours trying to get the it out … NOT FUN!  This will happen sooner or later if you don't buy good JIS bits.  


Phillips bits have a tendency to round out the centers of JIS screw heads because their design will not allow them to fit all the way into the cross slots.  You can why through these illustrations:

The crosspoint tip and the temper of the blades are important if you don't want to damage the screws.  The fit of the blade must feel perfect, ‘fits like a socket’.  The temper must be hard enough to be durable but not so hard that the blade is brittle.  

In the past we all bought NIWA JIS screwdrivers … but NIWA has been out of business for many years.  At first we tried to make due with screwdrivers available in the general market.  Most were actually Philips bits which damaged the screws, the few that fit did not have the necessary temper and broke quickly.    


SPT manufactures JIS crosspoint camera screwdriver blades to meet the needs of professional camera technicians who were dissatisfied with the camera repair screwdriver blades available on the market.  For over 15 years professional camera technicians and business rank our JIS camera repair crosspoint screwdrivers and blades … ‘Best Camera Screwdrivers’ becuase of their fit and durability.


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