Lesson 3 / Analog Electronic Circuits

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The Components
Integrated Circuits
Operational Amplifiers
Analog Electronics in Digital Cameras
Flash PCB
DC/DC Converter

Lesson Goal: In this lesson we want to get you thinking in an electronic way. We don’t want you to memorize the math of electronics, our approach is different. We want you to be able to ‘see’ electronics working inside your head, that is the moment when you suddenly gain understanding and it’s all simple. We recognize that moment; we have seen it many times.

Camera repair is both left and right brained; some problems can be seen and measured while others have to be visualized. To a great extent electronic problems are deduced, visualized. We use instruments to make measurements but our determination of the problem is based on our understanding of basic electronics.

Analog electronic training is also necessary for troubleshooting Digital cameras since many of the circuits are analog or use analog components. When you complete this lesson you will have a basic understanding of analog electronics and be able to use a DVM. Your light bulb moment should happen in latter in the course.

For 2009 we have added a bug to the lightmeter circuit on our lab breadboard, it will jump-start your thinking.

Hands On Lab Analog Breadboard (transistors, lightmeter op amp circuits)

Training DVD Using Camera Test Equipment

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