Lesson 14 / In Camera Electronic Flash Systems

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Light Spectrum
Xenon lamps
DC / DC Converters
Automatic Charging Control
SCR Triggering
Flash Exposure Control
Automatic Exposure Control
Automatic Aperture Control
SLR Flash Aperture Control
SLR Flash Dedication
Tool and Techniques
Solving Problems
Test, Techniques
Common Problems
Flash Synchronization
Accessory Flash Units
Camera Sync Circuits
Flash and Digital Cameras
White Balance

Lesson Goal: In this lesson you will learn how DC Converters power flashes, how flash exposure is controlled and why white balance is an issue with digital cameras. When you complete this lesson you should be able to troubleshoot and repair in camera flash circuits.

The lab section of the course will give you experience with a simple flash circuit.

Hands On Lab: Testing Camera Flash System, Flash Modules, flash systems

  • The Lab Flash Module is not included with the 45% Paperless Discount.

  • Tip: If you buy an older D SLR you can use it for this and other lessons. It is a cheap easy way to go and you can resell it after you are done. Using the 45% Discount and a used D SLR really knocks down the cost! Free offer: Match your model to one of our Troubleshooting Guides and we will send you the Guide FREE!

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  • Typical Time Required: 10 hours

    Updated 2007


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