Lesson 11 / Servicing SLR Film Cameras

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Getting Started

Hands On Experience:
Disassembly / Reassembly
Using Repair Information
General Techniques

Lesson Goal:
This is a hands-on lab lesson with little text. The bulk of this lesson is learned from the DVD or CDs we provide. You can get allot out of this lesson with or without a lab camera. However, a lab camera will give you hands on experience.

This lesson is part of our overall course and dovetails with our digital lessons. It can also service as a stand alone lesson for those wishing to learn how to service film SLR cameras.

Lesson 11 is not a complete course, that is not possible in a single lesson. But we cover topics that are important to servicing film SLR cameras. With what is covered in the lesson and our Guide and DVD you should have a complete picture of how film SLR cameras work. Latter the student can decide if they want to purchase other lessons to expand their knowledge or not.

Light Meter
Troubleshooting and Repair

Hands On Lab
Film SLR Camera

Training DVD
DVD and / or CD Note:

  • The DVD (or CD) is sent by download. These files are typically 1.5 gb and take 30 minutes or longer to download. The DVD can be mailed separately but there is a Shipping and Handling cost, the exact cost is determined by location and shipping method.

  • The Lab camera is not included with the 45% Paperless Discount.

  • Tip: You can buy a used Film SLR pretty cheap. It is a cheap easy way to go and you can resell it after you are done. Using the 45% Discount and a used Film SLR really knocks down the cost! Free offer: Match your model to one of our Troubleshooting Guides and we will send you the Guide FREE!

  • Contact us at: cc5@earthlink.net or 800-624-9621 if you need more details.

  • Typical Time Required: 20 hours

    Updated 2012


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