Lesson 1 / Camera Operation & Design

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Definition of a camera
Camera Categories
Viewing and Focusing Systems
Metering Methods
Exposure Calculations
Exposure Control
Electronic Flash
Film Transport
Digital Image Storage
Recording the Image on Film
Recording the Image Digitally
Cleaning the Image Sensor
The Low Pass Filter
Digital Infrared Conversions

Lesson Goal: This lesson offers you an overview of camera construction and the various systems used to build a working camera. When you complete this lesson you should be able to define a cameras operating systems and have a general understanding of their function.

Lab Equipment: None for this lesson.

DVD: None for this lesson.

Operating Your Camera Repair Business
Starting and Operating a Camera Repair Business ... a $60.00 savings

Typical Time Required: 9 hours

Updated 2015


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A Good Beginning !
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Kevin E. (Illinois) - August 28th 2009
Where else are you going to find a school dedicated to repairing cameras? The answer is .... nowhere.

This first lesson packs a good punch for it's size. Not only do you learn the basic system's but you learn how to do basic cleaning and document problems.

It's a good start and I look forward to my next lesson.
Excellent Material
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Pablo Chacon (Boston) - April 18th 2009
I'm a SPT student and I recommend this to everbody or anyone that has really interest in learn how to fix film/digital cameras.


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