Canon Prime Lens Plugins Apps



Repair and Service


Canon Fixed Focal Length Lenses


Installs into Canon Lens Professional Software *



Downloading Plugin Details



  • USB Connection.  Connect using a compatible camera.
  • Lens Plugins are Apps that plug into Canon Lens Professional Software.
  • Lower Costs.  Add Lens Plugins as needed.
  • Interactive Software is User Friendly, synchronized to your Lens.
  • Interactive Sidebar notes.  Quick step by step instructions specifically for your lens.
  • Help files - linked to your current window.

Please Read:  The Effects of Lens Release dates and Firmware Versions


All Service Operations

Service Operations Skill Level
Backup/Restore/Initialize Main Board Easy
Internal Serial Number Easy
Condition and Wear Easy
Check Focus Distance Encoder Easy
View Focus Compensation Easy
Adjust Focus Compensation Advanced
USM Adjustment Menu Moderate
IS Adjustment Menu Easy - Moderate

* Bonus - LensFAX


Your Supported Operations will depend on the Lens you are Servicing



Refund Policy: No refunds after you install and license our software.


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(5 out of 5 with 2 votes)
We are very happy with the new lens software :)
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Matthias Forster () - November 4th 2021
Hi chuck,

thanks it worked!!

By the way we are very happy with the new lens software :)

it works great!

Sascha Forster, Camera Service Limburg

Team Camera Service Limburg
Its all there, very easy
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George Barroso (FL) - July 1st 2021
Just did the repair and alignment on the lens. The label number made perfect sense once I was in the software.
Its all there, very easy and all alignments fell right in. Testing the lens after the repair (new IS unit) and alignment was perfect