Software Canon EOS_250D_200D MK2_SL3_X10 Professional

Great Canon Service Adjustment Software for the: Canon EOS 250D_200D MK2


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Canon EOS 200D_250D MK2 Software supports Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 ..  Emulations are not supported.



Professional Features

This software consists of Essential plus Three Plugins

Essential has 5 Functions

  1. General Information
  2. Internal Error Codes
  3. Save Calibration Data
  4. Save User Settings
  5. Professional Camera FAX

There are 3 Plugins

  1. Shutter Calibration
  2. Auto Exposure Calibration
  3. Main Board Replacement

A separate Shutter Count is Not possible on this model

Essential Section

General Page:

  1. Read the ModelFirmware Version and Serial Number
  2. The Shutter Count is ’Not available on this model’.
  3. Read the Mirror and Total Release Counts.  
  4. Produce the Professional Camera FAX - Before and After Service.


Error Code:

  1. Read the Latest and Last 7 Internal Error Codes.
  2. See the Possible Cause,  Lens when the error happened, Date and Release count when the error happened.
  3. Clear the Error Codes after service.


Calibration Data:

  1. Save the Camera Calibration files from the original Main PCB.
  2. Load Camera Calibration files into a new Main PCB.
  3. Use salvage Main PCBs, if necessary, for the repair.


User Settings:

  1. Save the User Settings files from the original Main PCB.
  2. Load User Settings files into a new Main PCB.


Professional Camera FAX gives your customer detailed Reports - BEFORE AND AFTER SERVICE!

  1. Camera Details
  2. Condition and Wear
  3. Logged Errors
  4. Release Count
  5. Mirror Box Count



Professional Plugins

Shutter Calibration

Mirror Count:

  1. Read and Change the Mirror Count.
  2. Reset the Previous Mirror Boxes. 
  3. Read the Total Mirror Count


Release Count:

  1. Read and Change the Release Count.
  2. Read and Reset the Previous Release Count.
  3. Read the Total Release Count. 



Auto Exposure Calibration


  1. Backup the AE Calibration Data.
  2. Restore the AE Calibration Data.  



AE Temperature:

  • Read and Adjust the AE’s Temperature sensor.




  1. Adjust the AE light meter system.  

    Note:  You need a Light box.  


Sensor Output:

  1. Read the ‘Live’ output of the AE cells of both layers.  
  2. Check the alignment of the AE Unit.
  3. Read the Minimum / Maximum and Average light readings at a glance.



AE Shift allows you to:

  1. Shift the output of the AE sensors up or down.  
  2. This feature lets you deliberately make the camera ‘Under’ or ‘Over’ expose.  It can be a customer preference, it can be needed by a change in focusing screen, or for any other reason.


Main Board Replacement

Backup Calibration:


Initialize Board:

  1. Initialization is required when a new Main Board is installed.
  2. After installing a new Main Board the Firmware must be re-installed before Initialization!
  3. Initialize the new Main Board.


During Initialization, the generic calibration files in the new main Board are deleted and data files from other boards in the camera are loaded into the new board. 


Load Calibration:

  1. Load your saved Calibration data files into the new Main Board.  The screens will walk you though the process.
  2. Important:  Make sure the battery is fully changed.  Loosing power or interrupting the Upload process in any way may damage your new Main Board.


Model and Serial:

  1. View and change the cameras electronic serial numbers.  They are stored on several boards, all should agree with the serial number plate on the outside of the camera.  
  2. View and change the Model Name.  This camera is sold under different names, you may need to correct the Model Name after you replace the Main Board.


Great Help Files

Can’t remember everything, don’t worry.  Each page is linked to its section of the Help Files .. no hunting! 


Software Replacement / Error Codes / Updates!

If you loose your Software Zip package .. we’ll replace it free … no Problem.  We evolve Error Code section, your software will let you know that an update is available.  When we make a software update, minor or major, the update is FREE!


Lots of horsepower under the hood with a common sense interface.


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