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Canon EOS Rebel 400D _ XTi 

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Canon EOS 400D_XTi Software requires Windows XP or XP-Pro. Emulations are not supported.

Advanced Features

  1. Print and pdf the Camera FAX.
  2. Read and change the camera's electronic serial number.
  3. Read and change the camera's Shutter / Shot count.
  4. Read and clear the camera's last internal error code.
  5. Download, save and upload the Camera's and Digital image data files.
  6. Auto Focus Calibration:  Body and Lens optimized to Body
  7. Shutter Calibration:  Shutter Speed Adjustment, X Contact Timing, Shutter and Mirror Box Count and Replacement History, read and change the shutter temperature.
  8. Auto Exposure Calibration:  Calibrate the AE Cells, Read and Adjust the AE Temperature, adjust Auto Exposure and Light meter reading.


AE Calibration
Read the AE Cell's Ev output.
Adjust the AE Cell.
Adjust AE Exposure.

Have an exposure problem related to lightmeter? Check the AE Matrix; each cell individually. Know exactly if the problem starts at the photocell. It can even be used as an alignment indication.

Changed the AE Unit or need calibration? Don't sweat it, you can calibrate simply!

Exposure is off? Even if the cell is good, exposure is frequently off by ½ stop or more, out of the box. You can now adjust it in a few minutes. NO MORE MICKY MOUSE fixes like offsetting exposure with a camera factor. Do the job right! Do the job professionally! More payed services you can offer at your clinics!

Unique Feature:
You can backup AE data separately. It is great to be able to return to your AE starting point without disturbing any of your other adjustment functions.

Shutter Calibration
Read and Adjust shutter value.
Read and adjust X Contact timing.

Its now common, replace the shutter and then the high speeds have no slit. So are you going to do? Either you blow the repair and all your time and money by sending it in. Or it is another MICKY MOUSE repair: "You don't use those speeds anyhow!" And what a great impression that leaves with your customers. Don't you just love it!

How about a change of pace? In less then 5 minutes you can adjust speeds with Advanced and SPT techniques. How about that! This one feature alone will pay for the software each and every time you use it.

X Contact timing is about X delay. If the X contact is closing early or late, you can adjust it.

Autofocus Calibration
Calibrate Test lenses.
Download, save and upload the camera's AF data.
Check AF Sensor Output.
Check AF Sensors for dust.
Calibrate Body AF.
Calibrate Lens AF.

Doing AF adjustments is advanced. We recommend that you gain experience using a test body first, especially if you are not familiar with adjustment software. With just a little bit of experience and minimal expense you will be able to understand, master and offer this much needed service to your customers.

SPT software and techniques blows past AF myths; distance, special tools and charts, test lenses and cost.

We are truly proud to say that we exceed factory standards while at the same time reducing costs and complexity. Even a single person shop can afford to offer AF service.

Outstanding / Unique Features:
Judge best focus point by eye? Not with SPT software! We provide you with a focus measurement tool for definitive down to the millimeter focus point tests. Included is an option which not only shows which area of the chart is being used to calculate the focus graph but whose area width can be changed for smoother reading.

More: how about a check box for testing with macro lenses. Tight depth of focus for absolute definitive tests and adjustments! Still more: how about being able to backup AF data separately. It is a big deal to be able to return to your AF starting point without disturbing any of your other adjustment functions. Big! .. Smoking features!

Calibrate a Test Lens
This is where it starts, zeroing out a test lens.

Since every D SLR body has differences, an AF test system has to average the differences and couple those to a test lens. Factories build a Standard Data file, which is factored into AF Shift calculations. The drawback is cost, thousands of dollars.

We use a unique, hands-on approach that is far more intuitive. Using SPT software you can zero out your own test lens. Since most of us already have a good quality test lens, this means your cost can be zero! It also means you create another test lens whenever you want. .. Smoking feature of SPT software! This feature literally saves you thousands of $ and puts AF in your price range!

AF Data
Downloading, saving AF data separately is unique to SPT software. Do this first and you can always upload the camera's original AF data to return to your starting point. Never start a job without this step.

AF Sensor Output
Using any contrasting B&W target you can see each sensors output and it's point of focus. You'll know the AF sensors that need adjustment.

Dust Check
Switch the contrast target for a plain target and you can quickly check each AF sensor for dust. It is that fast and simple.

Calibrate Body AF
Armed with your test lens, you can adjust AF sensors individually or by groups using our AF Shift function. You'll even be able solve problems like AF is soft at small apertures but good wide open. What seems like a contradiction, now is simple with software.

Calibrate Lens AF
We have all seen lenses that AF good on one body but not another. No need to scratch you head any more. Zero out the body with your test lens, and then calibrate the customers lens to that body! A new service you can offer your customers.

This model uses the PTP driver included in Windows XP. You do not have to download a driver for this model.


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Steve Kew (Orem, Utah) - December 13th 2017
The adjustment for replacing and adjusting the new shutter were great .. simple and fast.