Software Canon EOS R6 Professional

Great Canon Service Adjustment Software for the Canon EOS R6


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Canon EOS R6 Software supports Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 ..  Emulations are not supported.


Canon R6 Professional





Shutter Calibration

Error Codes

Main Board Replacement

Calibration Data


User Settings


Professional Camera FAX






  1. Read the Model and Firmware Version.
  2. Read and Change the Serial Number.
  3. Read Shutter Count / Change it in the Shutter Plugin
  4. Read the Release Count / Change it in the Shutter Plugin
  5. CameraFAX - Before and After Service.
  • Important: Changing the Serial Number to anything other than a legitimate Canon Serial number can seriously damage the camera.


Error Codes:

  1. Read the Latest and the last 7 Internal Error Codes.
  2. Know the Possible Causes.
  3. Know the Lens installed on the camera when the error happened.
  4. Know the Date the Error happened.
  5. Know the Shutter count when the error happened.
  6. Clear the Error Codes after Service.


Calibration Data:

  1. Save the Camera Calibration Data from the Main Board.
  2. Load the Camera Calibration Data into a new Main Board.
  3. Use used but good Main Boards for a repair.
  4. View the transfer process through the status bar at the bottom


User Settings:

  1. Save the User Settings file to your PC.
  2. Load / restore the User Setting after service.
  3. View the Transfer process through the status bar at the bottom




Shutter Calibration


  1. Test and Adjust the Shutter Timing.
  2. Test and Adjust the X Contact Timing.
  3. Change the Shutter Count after replacing the Shutter.
  4. Read the Shutter Replacement History; replacement date and actuations.
  5. Read and Change the Release Count



Main Board Replacement

  1. Backup camera Calibration Data.
  2. Initialize New or Used Main Boards.
  3. Load your Calibration Data from you old Main Board into you new Main Board.
  4. Check the model and serial number, change if necessary.
  5. Copy the Sensor Board ID to the new Main Board, if necessary.


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Thank you for your work on this SPT software
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Mike Parsell (CA) - September 22nd 2023
Hi Chuck, we have the R6 software up and running now with no problems. Thank you for your work on this SPT software.

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