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Canon EOS 30D Software Requires Windows XP or XP Pro.  Emulations are not supported.

  • If you are a 1st time buyer:  You might purchase (free) the Demo Software first or contact us at  if you have an questions or want to look over our software.


Essential Features

  1. Print and pdf the Camera FAX.
  2. Read and change the camera's electronic serial number.
  3. Read and change the camera's shutter count.
  4. Read and clear the camera's last internal error code.
  5. Download, save and upload the camera's Adjustment data.
  6. Download, save and upload the camera's Digital image data.


Camera FAX

Camera FAX to copy and paste information from the software into the Camera FAX report. It also features Custom Header and Footers, keeps your contact information and your business policy in front of your customer.




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Outstanding Help Files!

Just click 'Help' in any function and your Help window automatically opens to that section .. perfect!  


We have used many Help files in other softwares only to become frustrated trying to find the right section and then trying to understand the what it means.  We give clear directions with help sections linked to their functions.  You are also able to access all areas of the help files in any function.


Evolving Error Codes and Free Updates!

All are part of your software package!  SPT software starts with all known internal error codes and their possible cause(s).  But as the camera repair field links internal error codes to additional causes we add that information to software updates.  Free updates also allows your software to adapt to changes in both hardware and firmware.


Simple to use but with lots of horsepower under the hood. Our user interface remains simple and intuitive but there is allot of extra new code under the hood keeping it that way.  Among other things, all this extra code insures that you won't need an incredibly expensive interface tools when doing adjustments.  


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SPT Software Saved Me Money
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Northwest Camera Repair, Inc. (Everett, Wa.) - August 3rd 2009
Chucks EOS 30D Software (SPT) is a must have tool in the Camera Repair industry. I recently took in a Canon EOS 30D that displayed err99 intermittently. The camera looked brand new, the shutter blades showed no sign of wear marks. Without knowing exactly what the error code actually was I ordered the basic version of the software. Easy installation and setup. After checking error codes and shutter count I quickly determined that the error was actually error 65 - unusual CN2 signal at release - P [ more]
Mandatory tool
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Kemil Carbuccia (FL) - July 23rd 2009
Good morning fellows techs,

Yesterday I've downloaded the basic version for EOS 30D; brilliant, useful, fast and accurate, user friendly and a helpful tool for the serious photo-technologist I'll upgrade to full shortly. We highly recommend these softwares; we are desperately waiting for the 40D and 50D versions in order to service those units faster and more accurately than ever before.
Thanks Chuck for your effort and dedication in helping each one of us. We found err51 a [ more]