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Canon EOS 6D 

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You must have Canon EOS 6D Essential installed and Licensed on your PC for Upgrade to work
This software upgrades Essential into Advanced


Upgrading Essential adds the following plugins:

  1. Auto Focus Calibration:  Body and Lens optimized to Body
  2. Shutter Calibration:  Shutter Speed Adjustment, X Contact Timing.
  3. Read and change the camera's Total count.  Change the Total Count by clearing the History through the Shutter Plugin. 
  4. Auto Exposure Calibration:  Calibrate the AE Cells, Read and Adjust the AE Temperature, adjust Auto Exposure and Light meter reading.
  5. Main Board Replacement.  Imports data from other boards into the new Main PCB in order to initialize the new board.



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Auto Focus Calibration:

This plugin allows you to do Auto Focus calibration without expensive tools and jigs.


Here is what you need:

  • Build a sturdy test bed.  See our ‘Help’ files.
  • A good quality lens.  
  • Auto Focus Targets which come with the software


SPT Software can:

  • Calibrate a lens and build a compensation target to create a test lens.  - use our ‘Help’ files.
  • Check the camera’s AF Sensors output.
  • AF Shift the camera body’s Auto Focus Sensors.  
  • Lens AF Shift tunes individual lenses to the camera body.



Shutter Calibration: 

Shutter Adjustment is A MUST DO when replacing the shutter on this model. You do this using our software, a light box and the camera’s histogram.  You can also adjust the X contact Timing.



Auto Exposure Calibration:

Our software allows you to backup AE data separately which is a great feature if you make a mistake or wish to return to the starting point.  Troubleshoot quickly by letting you check / adjust the AE Temperature as well as see the output of each AE cell in real time.  You can quickly calibrate the AE cells using your light box and our Calibration function.  You are also able to adjust the light meter reading and auto exposures using AE Shift.


Main Board Replacement:

In addition to the camera and digital data files a new Main PCB requires Initialization.  Initialization is a process that imports data from other boards in the camera to complete the Main PCBs functionality. … required on this model.



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Canon EOS 6D SPT Software
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Northwest Camera Repair, Inc. (Everett, Wa.) - April 19th 2018
I purchased Chuck's SPT Software for the EOS 6D. Tremendous help, couldn't have completed the repair without it. Camera repair shops really need this software. I recommend it to everyone.
This Software is Great
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Steve Kew (Orem, Utah) - December 13th 2017
Another time we need to upgrade our software .. Upgrade allows you to do this as needed.
Upgrade to Advanced
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Kurt's Camera Repair (San Diego) - December 12th 2017
Needed the Advanced Plugins on this model and owned Essential.

Kurt's Camera Repair Inc.
San Diego CA