Software in Business

Adjustments and Services using Software
Although many think of Service Software only as a repair tool, we think that is an undersell.  Service Software's potential as a business tool can be huge.  Service software can be the nexus of a set of profit making services you can offer your clients.

Back in the day, our repair business consisted of both repairs and adjustments!  CLA’s (clean, lube and adjust) used to be standard fare and an important part of our business.  We even took our expensive testers on the road and gave ‘camera clinics’, a major source of new repairs and customers.   

Digital closed those doors but Software can open them again.  Software allows you to offer both adjustments and services previously impossible.  But not quite the same, both are easier and faster since they are done without disassembly.

Active Amateurs make up a large percentage of the D SLR market and you can tap into this market using Service Software.


AE Adjustment
It’s common that a cameras light meter is out of adjustment by 2/3 of a stop.  AE adjustment using your light box is nearly effortless.

Shutter Speed Adjustment
Typically this adjustment is done when the shutter is replaced.  Having the ability to adjust HS is the difference between completing a job and having to outsource the job back to the factory.

AF Adjustment
AF is a large untapped market! Great focus is one of the most desirable features for both active amateurs and professionals, yet there is hardly a camera out there that doesn’t need AF adjustment.

Each AF bracket contains several sets of AF sensors and it is common for some of those sensors to need tuning even when the camera is new.

Just as importantly, your client can see the difference between an image that is sharp and an image that is sharpened using Photoshop!  AF sells!


Error Codes
Cameras have external error codes that are similar to the ‘check engine’ light in a car.  External Error codes mean ‘see a service facility’.  

Checking the internal error code can be a diagnostic part of your business.  A chargeable service that can be rolled over into a repair.

Camera Fax
Thanks to the web, most people know that getting the cameras information such as shutter and mirror count, internal error codes, etc. is vital when buying and selling cameras.  Easily done using service software.

Testing and Adjusting Lens
The AF function in the software also allows you to test lenses.  Of course you can spot soft lenses, but because testing is dynamic you can also spot lenses that are occasionally soft because of play in the focus cams.  

In addition many are surprised to learn that a lens can have focus soft one body even if that same lens has sharp focus on another camera.

Individual lenses often need Lens AF Shit to tune it to a specific camera body.  This dysfunction and service is unique to digital SLRs.

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