Frequently Asked Questions

We want to use multiple computers?
SPT software is licensed for Two PCs!  

We had a crash and had to replace a computer?
Contact SPT for free re-license for you new PC.

The software hangs up during installation or launching?  We are launching the software during  start up.
Virus check and auto updater are RAM hogs.  Disable, stop or wait for the virus checker and auto updater functions to complete before installing or launching software.

The camera model is not identified (device manager / imaging device) or software can not connect with the camera.
The WIA (or PTP) driver has not been installed or is corrupt.  You need to uninstall / reinstall the WIA driver or install the PTP driver file.



Do I need a separate software for each model?

Sorry but there is no universal code key that can connect to every model.  Each model has it's own unique CPU, address codes and requirements.  If it were possible to write a universal software application we would. It is just not possible.

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