Troubleshooting Tips

Troubleshooting Tips

Typical problems revolve around drivers and driver switching.  

  1. The camera needs to first connect to the PC using the consumer driver.
  2. When the camera connects to the service software it needs to switch out of the consumer driver and into the Factory mode DCP driver.
  3. When you Quit the service software, the driver need to switch from the Factory DCP driver back into the consumer driver.

  • To follow driver changes you should keep the Device Manager on your desktop at all times.

To find the Device Manager:
  • Start / My Computer <right click> / Properties / Hardware / Device Manager 


  • When the camera first connects to the PC the device manager should identify the camera by model under imaging device.
  • Device Manager / Imaging Device / EOS 20 (or whatever model you have connected to the PC)

If  there is a problem with the consumer driver.  
  • You will need to uninstall the old WIA driver before you install a new one.  
  • If a window says 'PTP drive file for Window XP not found .. ', you will need to install the PTP drive file.

  • When the camera connects the the software the device manager should identify the camera under imaging device and DCP Connect.


  • Device Manager / Imaging Device / DCP Connect
  • If the DCP driver is not found or not installed correctly, your camera will be stuck in DCP.  Read the pdf, that is part of every software package, 'READ ME FIRST' / Stuck in DCP.
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