Camera Data

Camera Data


Camera data is used to download / upload the calibration information stored on the Main PCB EEPROM to your PC.  The data includes calibrations such as AE, TTL and AF.

This feature is used when:

  • You plan to adjust a Calibration.
  • You switch Main PCBs.
  • You fingerprint a customer's camera as a hedge against future repairs.  Re-calibration is fast and easy!  This is also a great promotional tool.
  • You upload calibration data from one camera to another as a starting point.  This shortens or eliminates calibration time.


Here is a Great Tip:
Downloading the original Camera's Data Files (Camera and Digital Data) allows you to Salvage Main PCBs from parts cameras.. without formatting.   This can make all the difference in a repair!



Save Camera Calibration
Downloads the camera data from the camera to your PC.

Load Camera Calibration
Uploads the camera data file from your PC to your camera.

'Refreshes' the information between the camera body and software.


Opens the software's built in help window.


Quits the software / camera connection in the proper sequence.

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