SPT Screwdrivers are Perfect!

When you want and need perfect .. buy your screwdriver blades and handles through SPT!  Our bits are real JIS screwdriver bits custom manufactured to the highest 'old fashion' quality for SPT.

"…. our last order of screwdrivers. They are perfect by the way!  ….  Thank you and keep up the good work!     Greetings,  Camera Service Limburg"


Frustration.1You can find cheaper bits and even a few substitutes with claims of 'JIS compatible' .. but one stripped screw-head will leave you with a world of regret ...  



Cross-head screws- a caution!

'Maintenance and Repair Articles / Pentax Forum
“Although the screws that look like Phillips 00 and 000 in Japanese cameras and lenses, they aren't. They're JIS cross-heads and life's a lot simpler using JIS screw driver bits on them. 

Whether you do this only once and run into trouble, or intend to do it often, it's worth your sanity to do it with the correct JIS tools so you don't risk stripping a screw head. 

Sooner or later, you'll be sorry if you don't use the JIS bits since the Phillips bits round out the centers of JIS screw heads because they don't fit all the way into the cross slots as you can see here:


The problem is that only the Japanese made products use JIS screws, and those nicely made NIWA JIS screwdrivers are discontinued and cannot be obtained anymore. The Moody made JIS drivers aren't even close in quality and will scar the screws. Camera manufacturers have their own custom made drivers like the NIWA but I doubt they will deal with individuals. Some say Canon USA was selling those drivers but that was many years ago. I have no idea if they still do. The shape as well as the quality of the blades are important if you don't want to scar the screws that you are working on. I have no idea where to buy these drivers if I were to buy today. Luckily I still have some spare NIWA that were purchased more than a decade ago. Expensive but well worth it.”  

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"I have no idea where to buy these drivers if I were to buy today."

These blades are available but only from SPT and GRES.

Screwdriver Blades and Handels are manufactured for SPT and GRES.

SPT Screwdriver Blades and Handles
SPT blades and Handles have been re-manufactured and EXCEEDS THE ORIGINAL NIWA blades.

All blades fit the industry standard Niwa and PD30 handles sitting on your bench.  These blades are not the cheap low quality substitutes available elsewhere.  They are very high quality blades specially manufactured for GRES to fit Niwa handles.



We have sold out the last NIWA handles on the planet.  But the good news is that our GRES_PD30 Pro handles are even better!  Once you use them you will consider replacing all your old NIWA handles and will be a favorite fit for your hand.

The GRES_PD30 Pro handle fits all your NIWA and SPT screwdriver JIS bits.


The GRES_PD30 Pro handles are made from steel, anodised aluminium and brass. This allows you to make only the chuck magnetic rather then the whole body.  Of the two handles, the PD30 would be considered the higher quality.   The size of the PD30 is a bit stouter (allowing you more torque) then the Niwa handle but there weight is about the same (Niwa 1 oz. / PD30 / 1.3 oz)

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