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LeZot Enterprises

If you send us a frame with the original low-pass filter, we could provide any filter you wish. Turn-around time is generally only a few days, but if the thickness is very unusual, there may be delays. We are rapidly expanding the number of models listed, but in general the pricing is fairly stable with two tiers - the sub-full frame, and the full-frame.

For full-frame models like the EOS 1Ds or EOS 5D, the clear filter is $175, and the B&W filter (IR83) is $225. The standard IR (R72) does also produce essentially B&W images, but some colors are still recorded - some folks like this look, others use the R72 filter and just shoot in B&W mode on the camera, others really like the more pronounced look of the deep IR filter (IR83). If your customers want other, specialized filters, there are many available, and most up charges are quite modest.

We would need to establish firm policies regarding installation into a frame that you provide. If you are willing to part with the original low-pass filter, we are now planning to charge the price of the IR filter only, with no additional labor cost for exchanging the filters into your frame.

Performing IR conversions has been an exciting new avenue for us here, and we are really enjoying being in a position to offer the filters to other shops for a reasonable price.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

We can also email your our current price list. It includes only models for which we have accurate dimensions. We can also send a stand-alone filter.

Vincent LiZotte
LeZot Enterprises
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Kolari Vision L.L.C.

For over five years, we have been specializing in infrared products and conversions. We are now happy to be able to offer the most comprehensive selection of infrared filters for almost any camera at competitive prices. Unlike other providers, our filters are specially designed for each camera for an easy installation directly in the original retainer.  Each filter is custom manufactured to precise tolerances so that in most cases further focus calibration will not be necessary. Our filter prices are $50 for point and shoot size sensors, $99 for APS sized sensors, and $199 for full frame sensors. And now, we are also able to install the filters onto a provided sensor for an additional $50. For this installation, we clean the filters using microscopic inspection in a clean air hood to make sure there is no trapped dust.  We are also able to provide original sensor filters and custom filters for any project.

Ilija Melentijevic
Kolari Vision L.L.C.

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