Software Canon EOS XTi 400D Essential

Software requires a PC with Windows XP, XP-Pro or other XP variation


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Essential's Features
Print and pdf the Camera FAX.
Read and change the camera's electronic serial number.
Read and change the camera's shutter count.
Read and clear the camera's internal error codes.
Download, save and upload the camera's EEPROM data.
Download, save and upload the camera's digital image data.

Camera FAX.
Print or pdf the information on the General Page; Model, Firmware, Serial Number, Shutter Count. Include your shops contact information and a jpeg in the header and any other information you want in the footer! HOT FEATURE .. a chargeable service!

Shutter Count
Being able to read the shutter count is essential in evaluating or selling cameras. This feature allows you to preemptively replace the shutter before damage to the mirror, motor, MD PCB or low pass filter. You will be able to expand your clinics and increase your repairs beyond the obvious 'camera won't work'. The digital equivalent of curtain travel time tests / CLA.

Being able to reset the shutter count will not only allow you to provide a more professional service but will enable you to honestly evaluate both warrantee and non-warrantee shutter failures. You may even decide to amend your warrantee to shutter mileage.

Internal error codes
Don't be stuck with Err 99s before and after shutter replacement, hours of work wasted and the aggravation. Each model can have 44 (some more / some less) different internal error codes relating to Err 99. Virtually all the faults that cause these problems can be fixed using just Essential Software.

This feature can open your eyes to a new world of troubleshooting / Diagnostics without disassembly! You will know more in few minutes then after hours of tear downs.

Reading and clearing error codes is another expansion to your clinics. We find tons of cameras with internal error codes even if the camera is working. These errors can be transient or point toward a future or preemptive repair.

Clearing error codes after repair is not only professional but will enable you to have a clean platform the next time the camera is repaired.

Camera and Digital Image Data
Downloading, saving and uploading data opens up a new level of repair and parts salvage. You can build customer loyalty and simplify future repairs by storing their original camera data.

The uses you can put SPT's Essential's Software are unlimited. You will profit from your investment.

Purchasing Essential gives you an upgrade path to Advanced. Your $99 is applied to the cost of Advanced through 'Upgrade'. We want you to win!

This model uses the PTP driver included in Windows XP. You do not have to download a driver for this model.

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