Software Based Repair

Service Adjustment Software is licensed for TWO Computers!

Service Adjustment Software

Camera FAX / Shutter and Mirror Counts / Error Codes / Camera and Digital Data / Adjustments


  • Your own PC and Essential ($99.00) gives you Basic Camera FAX / Shutter and Mirror Counts / Error Codes / Camera and Digital Data / Salvage Main PCB replacement
  • Step up to Advanced ($249.00) gives you Full Camera FAX / Shutter, Lightmeter and Auto Focus adjustments / Shutter and Mirror Box replacement History / New Main PCB replacement
  • Connect to your camera through your PC using only the camera's USB port Cable.

Minimal investment / Minimal risk / Huge Upside!

Print Camera FAX. A chargeable and sought after service.
Check error codes. Change troubleshooting from hours to minutes without disassembly.
Clear Error Codes. Often if you don't clear the error codes, the camera can continue to erratically error after your repair.
Check and Change Shutter and Mirror counts. Relate these to repairs and your warrantee.
Download and upload camera data.
Adjust Shutter Speeds. This often required after shutter replacement if the shutter has speed above 1/4000
Adjust AE / Lightmeter.
Adjust Auto Focus. Better then 'out of the box' standards.  Including the ability to tune each lens to match your camera!


Refund Policy
Like any software you purchase: No refunds after you install and license our software.

No special tools or other major expenses!

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