Screwdriver Blades:

Price: $9.50


These blades will fit the Industry Standard Niwa PD30 handles. These are the same handles all of us have on our workbenches and available through our site. NIWA has stopped making screwdrivers. These blades are remanufactured to the original standards ... GOOD BLADES again!

These blades are not cheap but very high quality blades specially manufactured for GRES to fit Niwa handles.
In all the world, these blades are only available through SPT and GRES These are not the low quality substitutes available elsewhere.

Why SPT Screwdrivers are special!

"I've been a long-time user of Canon crosspoint bits. The last several years they have tended to set on top of the screw and not down in the head the way they should. This has resulted in many stripped screw heads and much frustration.

I tried numerous brands with similar results. Somehow I overlooked the ones that our own SPT sells. Chuck persuaded me to give them a try.

I ordered the 1.7mm and 2.0mm sizes. The 2.0 size fits most screws perfectly. The 1.7 fits the small screws that Nikon uses on the L series focusing lens. I've only got a couple weeks use on them, but they seem to be the correct hardness, i.e. they are not showing wear nor breaking.
These SPT bits are a winner."

"Just a follow up on my screwdriver experience. Eric & I are still using the original bits we purchased from SPT with no signs of failure. I don't remember how long this has been, but you have the record."



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Parts Dept Mgr
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Parts Dept (CT) - October 4th 2017
Hi Charles
The technicians at our company love the screwdrivers tips that I purchase from you, quality is excellent - they last a long time without breaking and/or stripping.

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