Lesson 2 / Soldering and Tools

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Basic Soldering Techniques
Magnifiers & Parts Tray
Tools after Graduation
Update to Tools
Oscilloscopes in 30 minutes
Digital White Lightboxes
Digital Focus Tools
Depth of Focus Jig
Optical Bench
Other Cool Tools
Micro Brushes
CF Straightening Tool
Digital Vernier Caliper
Advanced Board Level Repairs on Digital Cameras
Replacing Fuses
Replacing CF Pins
Shot Gunning PCBs
Soldering Tips

Lesson Goal: This lesson teaches you how to solder both standard size components and SMD (surface mount devices) micro components. Great soldering skills have always been important in the CR field, which is even truer in digital cameras. This can be a challenging lab, even for those with prior soldering experience. Soldering is a skill that when done right is quick, easy and painless. We teach you how to do it right!

When you complete this lesson, you should be able to handle most soldering situations, even the tricky ones. As you continue through the course your skill will improve because of your solid foundation. As an added bonus, this lesson also shows you how to use an oscilloscope for troubleshooting, as wells the secrets of building a light White Box using a Color Meter and a Nomograph. There is a lot of punch packed into this small lesson.

Hands On Lab Flex circuit for soldering a 10 ohm, 1K ohm, and Flash Discharge resistors

Tool Kit:... You may purchase these tools by clicking on the links below
Screwdriver Handle
1.7mm Crosspoint Bit
2.00 mm Crosspoint Bit
2.5mm Crosspoint Bit

You may want to purchase the following tools from a local vendor:
• Soldering Station, Flux, and solder
Example: Vendor MCM / Make Tenma

• DVM 1999 Count (Digital Volt Meter)
Example: Vendor MCM / Make Tenma

Training DVD Soldering

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  • Any tools you purchase from us will be mailed by 1st Class Mail.

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  • Typical Time Required: 6 hours

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