Lesson 16 / Troubleshooting & Repair

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Troubleshooting Sequence
Examples of External Troubleshooting
Component Testing
Battery Drain
Troubleshooting & Reapir by Era
The Secret of Switches
Repairing Water Damage
Board Level Repair in Digital Cameras
Repairs Unique to Digital
Cracked Connection FPCs
Defective Switches
Image Recovery
Firmware Updates
Image Sensor Problems
Digital SLR External Tests

Lesson Goal: Troubleshooting for a technician is what a fast draw is to a gun fighter; if you want to survive and prosper you have to become both fast and accurate. That takes a combination of knowledge and experience. This lesson will give you a working knowledge of different methods used when troubleshooting cameras.

When you complete this lesson you will understand troubleshooting, error codes, how to test components, trace battery drains, use schematics, switch logic and much more. You will be in the field a long time before you master all the methods covered in this lesson. This is a reference lesson; use it to develop your troubleshooting skills.

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