SPT's Service Software for Canon EOS Digital SLRs

Canon Digital Single Lens Reflex
Service Adjustment Software

"....just a note to tell you if your on the fence on wether to buy the SPT software or not.....make the move. Replaced the shutter on a Canon 40D & found the speeds above 3000th were cut off or blank. In the past we have just packed them off & sent to Canon....lost money on parts and labor. Purchased the 40D Advanced software & had the problem cured in about 10 minutes....money saved!!! Not only has it given me the confidence I am sending out a product that is in top working condition, (up until now, I had my doubts that I was giving the best service possible) but it has also made me think about increasing the price to service these cameras now that I know 100% that everything is right".

"So, I am sold on the software....I have purchased 4 of the software, 2 of the Essential only & 2 of the Advanced. As soon as I can afford more, I'm getting them...wish I could take advantage of the quantitiy discount...but right now, things are too tight." SPT is Great
Mike / Southern Photo Technical Service Inc.


Refund Policy
Like any software you purchase: No refunds after you install and license our software.

If you are a 1st time buyer:  Purchase (free) the Demo Software first or contact us at cc5@earthlink.net .




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