Service Adjustment Software


Friendly – Easy to Use – Affordable

Pays for itself with one use!
Indispensable to camera repair Businesses and Advanced Photographers!

Software is delivered by Download.
After purchase:  You must receive a 'License Activated' email from us before you install and use your software!

Connect SPT Software to your camera using only the camera's USB port cable!


Free Demonstration Software              Canon Digital SLR Software


"I have been dropping in shutters left and right for several years, I love the jobs. But I have had two now with high speeds out of adjustment. (1/8000 sec)." ..... "Chuck, Canon charges around 250.00 +/- for the adjustments and cleaning." ... it is a five minute job to tune the shutter speed using SPT software and techniques.

10% Discount for orders of 4 or More

Getting Started?

  • Purchase (free) and download the Demo Software 1st.  You will also receive an email from us explaining our purchase policy!
  • Visit our SPT site for all the details: SERVICE ADJUSTMENT SOFTWARE!


Refund Policy
Like any software you purchase: No refunds after you install and license our software.

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